"When We Met deliver serious music with a humorous new wave twist somewhere between Devo and the B52s and the video perfectly captures their multi-layered, multi-coloured alt rock." - The Devil's Tuna

“When We Met delivers with haunting melodies, introspective lyrics and a strong stage presence. Radio Hot Tub plays several of their songs in rotation 24/7. Bryan and Melissa not only create memorable music, but they also dedicate themselves to being strong supporters of the entire Portland musical community!” ~Scott Hammond, RadioHotTub.com

"Beautifully blended indie-electropop-punky alt blues of dynamic duo When We Met." - the deli magazine 
*October 2016 When We Met made the charts at  #1 for Electro-Rock in Portland,  Oregon! 


The Deli Portland (2017)

Mood Music: When We Met - "Ride the Tide" 

When We Met brings a loving dynamic back into rock. The duo, consisting of Bryan Casey and Melissa, create fully textered sounds with just the two of them. Sounds are created on a solely collaborative basis by the two songwriters and musicians, who also record and produce everything all themselves. Aside from the occasional use of a drummer, When We Met is a true DIY effort of blending indie, alternative rock and electro pop elements. 

Keeping the band as…

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The Portland Playlist on Portland Radio Project (2016)

Wednesday night brought a fun duo to The Portland Playlist, “When We Met‘s,” Bryan Casey and Melissa Dorres. A chance meeting at a James concert led to bonding over music and a mutual love of Ween. Live music is “near to their hearts as a way to connect with others, build community, inspire, and have fun. Playing live is just as important to them as creating the music.” To that end, they recorded their first, self-titled EP before they ever played a live show, wanting to hone their sound, record it, and…

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Portland Notes (2016)

"When We Met band members Bryan and Melissa are getting very busy very quickly! Portland Notes managed to catch the dynamic duo between gigs and rehearsals for a quick email interview. When We Met has just released a new single “Lift Off” – and they’ve included a link to a free download in this very article! These two artists are a blast to talk to – with varied musical influences, humility, and a fantastic sense of humor, they offer a full band experience! Locals in fact and at heart, this couple will…

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