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Normally I would ask how you came up with your band name, but maybe it’s obvious. Are you two married? I am going to take a wild guess and assume that when you met, you decided to start this band. Am I correct? Why don’t you fill us in how this band started?  

Melissa: Actually, we aren’t married and upon meeting we didn’t decide to start a band. Although we bonded as musicians, and did want to jam together, our lives were very busy. It took a few years for us to come together as songwriters and have our…

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"Heading into downtown Portland on a Friday night is always an adventure. I prefer not to spend $10 to park my car, so I usually opt for the SmartPark and walk the 10 blocks past staggering drunks and screaming college kids to arrive at Dante’s." 

"February 9th’s show was a tribute to the Women Who Rock Portland. Opening the night was an indie-electropop band called When We Met. Bryan and Melissa are more than bandmates, they’re lovers. Melissa rocked a solid bass while Bryan played guitar and…

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Concert Review (2017) by Lysergic Sound Department

"When We Met is easily one of the most fitting names I’ve ever come across as they exude that feeling of when you met the love of your life. They often start soft with a drum machine and a two piece and climb very slowly to suddenly but flowingly break out of their pop shells like popcorn out of a kernel. These two have undeniable chemistry together! Lyrically they blew me away and had me beginning to think someone must’ve dosed my drink while out smoking. I’m the type to dance or rage depending on the show…

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MTM Interview

Q&A below, Link to Middle Tennessee Music's Full Content of article Here

Where are you from and what style of music do you create? (In your own words, not necessarily in marketing terms or by popular genre classifications.) 

Bryan: We are from Portland, Oregon and we create music that inspires us, music we enjoy listening to. 

Melissa: I think our music bops around genres a bit, from alternative to lately being called new wave. We like to create variety in our sound, one way we do that is by trading lead…

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Portland Deli Artist of the Month write up!

Aliens and cavemen meet in When We Met's new video 

With love and an adoring energy, When We Met have been known to make tuneful indie pop songs over the course of their three years as a songwriting duo. While the wonderment of their tracks is already established, what has yet to become obvious is how the two go about rendering their songs visually. Luckily they've changed that, with a new animated video that's attention grabbing.  

The animation for "Ride the Tide" is somewhat stylistically reminiscent…

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New Wave Attitude: When We Met – “Ride The Tide” / Audio Fuzz

"When We Met is such a fun band, and the video “Ride The Tide” shows what a great sense of humor they have about serious topics.  Comprised of  Bryan Casey and Melissa Dorres, this Portland, OR, duo brings that great new wave/punk touch in a manner similar to the B-52’s and DEVO with that Pixies attitude thrown in.  These two are real musicians.  Their sense of fun sometimes covers up their unique talent, and talent these two have in more than requisite enough.  Get off your ass and dance your blues away."…

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Enter the Venture "Ride the Tide" (2017) Podcast

Portland native duo When We Met released their psychedelic new music video for their latest single “Ride the Tide” off the recently released album “Where Did They Come From.” The video was created by cartoonist Magnificent Kaaboom, who brought to life the song’s ocean-themed lyrics with visuals that showcase a unique art style complete with retro animation. Right from the get-go, the video literally grabs you in as a hand pops out from a book and drags the viewer into a wacky world full of surfing cavemen…

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Vents Magazine Q&A (2017)

Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been? 

Bryan – Magnificent. 

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Ride The Tide”? Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song? 

Melissa – It started as a fun instrumental jam. 

B- I felt like it had a surfy, psychedelic sound and that inspired the ocean theme to the lyrics. It’s about the waves of life, the ups and downs. 

How was the filming process and experience behind the video? 

M- It was awesome to have another artist create the…

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The Deli Portland (2017)

"When We Met brings a loving dynamic back into rock. The duo, consisting of Bryan Casey and Melissa, create fully textered sounds with just the two of them. Sounds are created on a solely collaborative basis by the two songwriters and musicians, who also record and produce everything all themselves. Aside from the occasional use of a drummer, When We Met is a true DIY effort of blending indie, alternative rock and electro pop elements."

"Keeping the band as stripped down as possible has meant that Bryan…

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The Portland Playlist on Portland Radio Project (2016)

Wednesday night brought a fun duo to The Portland Playlist, “When We Met‘s,” Bryan Casey and Melissa Dorres. A chance meeting at a James concert led to bonding over music and a mutual love of Ween. Live music is “near to their hearts as a way to connect with others, build community, inspire, and have fun. Playing live is just as important to them as creating the music.” To that end, they recorded their first, self-titled EP before they ever played a live show, wanting to hone their sound, record it, and…

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Portland Notes (2016)

"When We Met band members Bryan and Melissa are getting very busy very quickly! Portland Notes managed to catch the dynamic duo between gigs and rehearsals for a quick email interview. When We Met has just released a new single “Lift Off” – and they’ve included a link to a free download in this very article! These two artists are a blast to talk to – with varied musical influences, humility, and a fantastic sense of humor, they offer a full band experience! Locals in fact and at heart, this couple will…

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