Melissa Dorres is NW hairdresser and musician 

Brief hair design history:

Melissa began her professional career in 1999 in Portland, Oregon at Toni & Guy hairdressing where she apprenticed as a haircut specialist. In 2003 she moved to Arizona and began teaching for Toni & Guy, traveling to professional salons demonstrating the latest cut trends. 

After moving back to Portland in 2007 Melissa moved away from teaching. She dappled in some editorial styling on models for salon promo materials, hair for fashion shows and  worked on the movie set of Twilight styling the actor's / actress's hair.

Currently she is at the adorable boutique salon, Gamine Studio. Melissa continues her education taking inspiration from amazing stylist's all over the globe via online education as well as hands on classes. 

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Bass player / songwriter: 

Melissa bought her first bass guitar, a deep blue Ibanez and took her first lesson in Arizona around 2005. After only a few lessons with an old time blues player she became distracted and unable to continue her eduction and put the bass aside. With the lurking desire to learn to play she finally got serious in 2008 and began regular lessons. 

This next instructor focussed on playing cover songs and learning TAB. Her first recital was playing Nirvana's In Bloom, then the second recital, The Beatles Happiness is a Warm Gun. After a couple years she wanted more and found a music program at PCC dedicated to just music. This began a deeper understanding of music theory, ear training and more! During school she recruited the help of a bass instructor that could touter her on applying the theory to the bass guitar. 

Upon graduating in 2012 she began a mentor program with Kai Eckhardt. These 108 day sessions were the most valuable in building the skills and confidence to start writing her own music. Therefore collaborating with Bryan Casey to form their band, When We Met.

In 2014 When We Met released their debut, WWM and began performing! Now with three CD's, multiple tours, music videos and more! When We Met continues to create and tour.

Melissa writes the BLOGS on this site and is also working on a short fun book that's all about the bass.... 

To visit Gamine's website click photo.

To visit Gamine's website click photo.

When We Met's home page

When We Met's home page