Vote! Radio Hot Tub!

Uncle Scotty (Scott Hammond) is running Portland's 24/7 online radio station that plays 10 NW bands an hour! Bryan and I were reminiscing yesterday while kicking it with Kelly from Portland Notes, yet another amazing local music supporter, when did we meet Scott? .....

Uncle Scotty happened to be at a show we played, he was there to see Land Of The Living and caught our act. This was during our first handful of shows we ever played and he was so kind to us, he saw our potential. We all hung out, had some drinks and have been buddies ever since. He is such a fun guy and is doing so much for, can I say, us little guys. We really appreciate all he does. From playing us on his radio station, hosting our CD release party last year, putting together great shows in the community and we get to have him join us at our 2 year anniversary show July 2nd! Check SHOWS tab for details.

If you have note voted yet, VOTE RADIO HOT TUB HERE