Soundtrack of Your Life

Music is everywhere. The grocery, the salon, your work, your home, your car, everywhere. Music was there for you during your up's and downs. Comforting you through painful times, uplifting you through the good times. The breakup albums, the wedding playlist, the workout jams, the sing your ass off in the car songs. Where would we be if it all STOPPED.......................

We rely so much on this noise, yet what about the noisemakers? It breaks my heart knowing that when someone wants to pursue music they are told quite often "you will never make it" and treated like it's a dumb thing to do. But yet that same person listens to music, loves music and respects famous musicians... Where do they think music comes from? Not every artist is born with a silver spoon and if you want to make music for fucks sake, DO IT!

Bryan and I are on this journey, creating music. It is hard, not the music, but the emotional struggle. Having an alternative lifestyle while trying to be "normal". Being normal is not working for us and we expect some changes in 2018. It is time to take some risks to try an get our music heard, to get support through fans that are able so we can make more music and get it out in the world. We are going to choose to NOT LISTEN to any negativity from people who don't understand what we are doing, who don't respect our artistic endeavors. We WILL get more involved with our community and follow our dreams because it is what keeps us sane in this insane world. 

Soon we will be launching our Patreon page where fans can engage more with us with a monthly subscription. 
If you would like to make a contribution to go towards 2018 WWM tour funds, you can do so on Venmo look up When-We-Met or paypal @whenwemetmusic 

Much love.