October, Month of Weird


I was calling October the month of weird because we had a few unusual gigs. One was at a venue called The Tardis Room (Dr. Who theme), Another at the NW Cannabis Club (smoke um if ya got um), the finale an all-ages halloween costume show.

Tardis Room.... We enjoyed the food, but not the extremely awkward, rude staff. Nothing like walking in to a venue to play a show and getting treated like garbage from the staff. And even though that sucks and happens every so often, I'll take it, just don't be mean to our fans... There are a few venues I will not play at because of this kind of behavior from staff members. Fans, please know we care about how YOU are treated. I will NOT tolerate bullying of our guests. It's unfortunate that this treatment happens, but it does and I keep a list of places to stay away from that any of our fans have reported abusive behavior towards them by staff members. We want our shows to be held at safe places with good energy! 

Cannabis Club.... What a trip! This was an event put on by The Smokers Society, 420 fashion show. 20 min set in a haze of cannabis smoke. Interesting venue, if you like to get stoned and want to experience doing so in a public place with other people, well this is a place to check out. Rather then hearing people laughing and chatting like in a bar, it was a lot of coughing. I kept thinking people were sick, then realizing that they were just hacking from the fat rips from the bong. Did I have a contact high? Yep. Did I mind? Nope.

Halloween Gender Swap..... This was so much fun! We got to play the opening set at a fundraiser for Rock N' Roll Camp for girls (I volunteered there back when I was in music school and have wanted to be a part of an event forever), put on by the Rose City Riveters. As soon as we got the gig Bryan said "I'm going to be a girl!!", so it just made sense that I would be a boy. I think Bryan had a couple authentic girl moments (at least I know I can relate). One was when he was on stage setting up gear by himself, not knowing anybody and I was outside chatting with my family. He said he could see me out the window and felt really sad and uncomfortable being alone on the stage all dressed up. Funny because I feel that way often at gigs, there is a lot of down time and it can be very awkward and there is nowhere to hide. The 2nd thing was cute, as we walked my folks out to their car, Bryan got frustrated about his phone not fitting in his purse... SO good!! lol. Me, being a dude was easy and I had a blast with Bryan as my date. 

Just a little reflection on October.. It's already November and we are playing a show tonight with a guest drummer at Ash Street Saloon in Old Town Portland, the last show there before they close down. It's been an interesting year and tonight we will have reached my goal of 100 shows!! We have a few things coming up before the new year... Stay tuned!