It's been a long time...

Tomorrow is the epic solar eclipse here in Oregon. I was just doing some tidying up of the ol' website, trying to make it look nice and slick when I realized I took out the Blog page. I'm putting it back for those of you who enjoy reading these things. They will have typos (until Bryan see's them and fixes it). I will use there improperly and other things that I see some people write rude things about people for doing. For those of you that will bother, don't read any further. 

Now, those who don't mind a flawed human with mild dyslexia writing some shiz, enjoy.

SUMMER. Almost over. This summer we experimented with playing some weekday shows and supporting touring bands when we could. It has been a great experience, making some good connections for when we get back on the road and hopefully getting good tour karma. We also got to play a really unique music and art festival called SHIFT Festival out in Grass Valley Oregon. As summer comes to an end we will be reflecting and goal setting for the next adventures. 

With every season Bryan and I experiment with something new. We hope to work a little more with guest drummers for local shows, but not play much locally as we work or butts off to save money to get back on the road. We LOVE touring so much, so that is the goal, tours. This is why we stay a duo using our backing tracks, for ease of touring. But the energy a live drummer brings to the show is so cool, therefor we really hope to do more of that locally. 

Honestly don't have much to say, I just felt bad that I haven't wrote for so long! Happy Eclipse 2017! 

photo from SHIFT Festival by: @devanstonphoto (Instagram handle)