Man, we are so freaking DIY! As I sit here Bryan is composing and arranging the backing tracks for one of our new songs. Bass, guitar and vocal tracks are laid down, now to finalize sound effects, keyboards and drums. THEN mix and master. 

More thoughts on our DIY-ness. Did you know that most of the shows, I think we are into 80-something live performances now.. Many of them we built ourselves, booking venues, bands and at times running the sound EVEN bringing our own PA a few times... It's exhausting, but also amazing! I do hope when we start playing live again that we get the opportunity to be a part of some festivals and join some awesome bills. But no matter what we will be out there, even if it means we are doing a lot of work. Thank you to the bands and promoters that have asked us to play, you guys ROCK! Thank you to the bands that have joined the events we have put together! We LOVE playing music and creating music so much! It can get intense, but we seriously have fun and this is what fuels our bliss. 

With all the DIY we do every bit of help we get is so appreciated. Videos from fine folks such as Dave Jester and Magnificaint Kaaboom, photos from photographers and friends. The likes on Facebook, follows on Instagram may seem trivial, but we are thankful for the support. 

Winter break was a MUCH needed thing for us to get some new material together. Awesome content coming soon, like a killer music video, EP and more!!! CAN'T wait to share the new tunes and play out again, we have fun! 

Stay warm. Melissa    

(photo credit: Amie LeeKing, manipulated by Bryan Casey)