Copy of informative E-MAIL to e-mail list subscribers!

Greetings all!  

We are so excited for our upcoming shows, click to check the schedule! We are busy through October, then we will hibernate to record our first full length studio album due out in early 2017!! This new album is really going to showcase our growth in the past 2 years, we can't wait to get it done! If our budget allows we will press some vinyl along with physical CDs!  

As well as being musicians in an actively performing band that creates original, rather intricate music, we also run all of our own business. The duties are endless and come with very little financial reward. But we love creating music and performing so much that we just can't, won't stop!  

A crowdfunding campaign might be coming to help raise money for some of the expenses for the tour and album. Until then if you want to donate anything you are more then welcome, just CLICK HERE to go to our home page where the donate button is located. ALSO, you could purchase some merch from our ONLINE STORE, we have shirts, CDs, bullet necklaces, guitar pick earrings and some funky re-purposed t-shirts!  

Being extremely DIY and self sufficient is a big part of When We Met. If you are curious about some of our process here it goes: 

Bryan being an awesome graphic designer who does most of our show posters, images for online promotions, website, t-shirts, buttons and stickers. Music duties (other then writing & co-writing) creating unique backing tracks (drums, electronic drums, midi, keyboards), recording, mixing and mastering. Assisting with social media. 

Melissa takes on most of the booking of gigs, including travel plans when necessary. Staying on top of social media postings, web design, artist relations and promotions. Music duties (other then writing & co-writing) some electronic midi and production management.  

We make an awesome team, we feel really lucky to have found each other and do not take it for granted one bit. That is one reason why we want to really try and do something with our music. We get asked what it is we hope to achieve with our music? What is your goal? We hope to get our music heard one way or another (live or recorded) continuing to build our fan base. As the fan base builds, creating more demand for our music, the more we can make music and perform live!  

Many thanks to those of you whom have shared photos and videos from our shows. A special thanks to Dave Jester who put together an awesome music video for "Always Try" & Magnificent Kaaboom for the "It's Too Late" adult cartoon! View those videos CLICK HERE

If you read this far you must really care about and be interested in what we are doing. Thank you so much for being a part of our journey! This work can not live without you!  

Enjoy the last chunk of Summer and ease into the beautiful Fall! All the best,  
Bryan & Melissa