Ash Street's farewell

Wow, last nights show was a blast! I was and am beside myself with gratitude for how many people came out on a Tuesday night. The energy from having our fans, family, friends and music peers there was awesome, especially since it was our last show at Ash Street before they close. We had our friend Darren Linder join us on drums for this one. It was such a treat to work with him and have him play with us, we hope to have him again in the future.. Also, Barret (artist on the bill that night and booker for the club) joined us for one song on bass while I just sang. Unrehearsed impromptu appearance, and it was fun! I have a YouTube video of most the performance here if ya wanna check it out.. 

I just couldn't ask for a better night. One of our favorite sound people, Nicholas Matta, friendly staff, nice bands, awesome crowd. Funny thing is for week before this show I had been feeling low, not sure if I wanted to perform anymore, wondering why I do it? This show reminded me why I perform, I can't explain it, it is just a feeling, a lot of feelings and I love it... 

We reached a personal milestone, our 100th show! Here's to the next 100! 

Photo stolen from LE Spencer's Instagram / @thatspencerchick