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It's been a long time...

Tomorrow is the epic solar eclipse here in Oregon. I was just doing some tidying up of the ol' website, trying to make it look nice and slick when I realized I took out the Blog page. I'm putting it back for those of you who enjoy reading these things. They will have typos (until Bryan see's them and fixes it). I will use there improperly and other things that I see some people write rude things about people for doing. For those of you that will bother, fuck off. 

Now, those who don't mind a flawed human…

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Man, we are so freaking DIY! As I sit here Bryan is composing and arranging the backing tracks for one of our new songs. Bass, guitar and vocal tracks are laid down, now to finalize sound effects, keyboards and drums. THEN mix and master. 

More thoughts on our DIY-ness. Did you know that most of the shows, I think we are into 80-something live performances now.. Many of them we built ourselves, booking venues, bands and at times running the sound EVEN bringing our own PA a few times... It's exhausting, but…

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Copy of informative E-MAIL to e-mail list subscribers!

Greetings all!  

We are so excited for our upcoming shows, click to check the schedule! We are busy through October, then we will hibernate to record our first full length studio album due out in early 2017!! This new album is really going to showcase our growth in the past 2 years, we can't wait to get it done! If our budget allows we will press some vinyl along with physical CDs!  

As well as being musicians in an actively performing band that creates original, rather intricate music, we also run all of…

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Uncle scotty

Vote! Radio Hot Tub!

Uncle Scotty (Scott Hammond) is running Portland's 24/7 online radio station that plays 10 NW bands an hour! Bryan and I were reminiscing yesterday while kicking it with Kelly from Portland Notes, yet another amazing local music supporter, when did we meet Scott? .....

Uncle Scotty happened to be at a show we played, he was there to see Land Of The Living and caught our act. This was during our first handful of shows we ever played and he was so kind to us, he saw our potential. We all hung out, had some…Read more

Ween Fun Fact!

I was just writing on an "influences" section of one of our platforms and the biggest one I can think of as a collective influence with Bryan and I is WEEN. What is so awesome about this to me is that unknowingly to us WEEN spent 10 years as a two piece using backing tracks before they had a full band! Kinda cool to find out we are doing what one of our favorite bands did! I wonder if we will make it to the point where we get to have a full band play our music with us? Until then, we will keep doing what we…Read more
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Jewelry can = sweet gigs!

So Bryan and I started making jewelry a while ago and we are having a lot of fun and getting interesting opportunities from it. Follow your bliss, you never know what it will bring. We are excited to say we are now official RAW ARTISTS. They found us because of an Instagram post we did of our jewelry as they were scouting for artists. Then they noticed that we made music and liked our music so much that they offered us to be one of two of the musical acts of the event! This is an awesome opportunity for us…Read more
Blazers add

Firkin Good Times & Portland Trail Blazer Spotlight Artist!  Podcast

We have had the most awesome past weekend! Our show at one of our favorite bars, The Firkin Tavern, on Friday was so special! The energy, love, positive vibes from the patrons, other bands, staff, friends, and fans was overwhelmingly awesome! These are the magical times. Then, the positive energy just kept flowing into the week. Bryan (the other 1/2 of WWM) was at a Portland Trail Blazer game with his nephew and had the ultimate surprise while sitting the stadium. Our song, "Things We Talked About" was the…Read more
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It's Educational

On Sunday, December 20th When We Met got to perform at OMSI's guitar exhibit. This was such a cool thing for us as Portland natives who grew up going to OMSI. The guitar exhibit was awesome!! If you missed out, sorry for that, they had a nice collection of guitars past and present, as well as fun interactive devises. We played on the science stage right inside the exhibit. Getting to goof off and spend a little time talking about what we do and our instruments and play a set of our music was such a blast…
Robot drummer

Why No Drummer?

This is a common question for us and one I want to address on behalf of When We Met. 

Drums, drummers are such an important part of a rock band. As a duo we decided to pre-record drums as backing tracks so that we could play our music. The choice to not have a drummer was one, because they are so important that if the drummer left we could not play. When We Met as a duo is solid, if we had a drummer and they left, we could not play. This way we can ALWAYS play. It was not an easy decision to make. Our big #2…Read more
Party animals

A look back

As I sit here reflecting on the experiences I have had in my short time as a performing musician I am full of many different emotions. One is happy. We have been SO lucky! Most of the bands I have played gigs with have been very pleasant. I have made awesome connections with some like minded people that though I do not hang out with them but at these shows, I consider my friends. The douche bags I have encountered are far and few between. I wonder if this ratio will change as we continue growing and playing…Read more