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Soundtrack of Your Life

Music is everywhere. The grocery, the salon, your work, your home, your car, everywhere. Music was there for you during your up's and downs. Comforting you through painful times, uplifting you through the good times. The breakup albums, the wedding playlist, the…

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Ash Street's farewell

Wow, last nights show was a blast! I was and am beside myself with gratitude for how many people came out on a Tuesday night. The energy from having our fans, family, friends and music peers there was awesome, especially since it…

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October, Month of Weird


I was calling October the month of weird because we had a few unusual gigs. One was at a venue called The Tardis Room (Dr. Who theme), Another at the NW Cannabis Club (smoke um if ya got

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It's been a long time...

Tomorrow is the epic solar eclipse here in Oregon. I was just doing some tidying up of the ol' website, trying to make it look nice and slick when I realized I took out the Blog page. I'm putting it…

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Man, we are so freaking DIY! As I sit here Bryan is composing and arranging the backing tracks for one of our new songs. Bass, guitar and vocal tracks are laid down, now to finalize sound effects, keyboards and drums.…

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Uncle scotty

Vote! Radio Hot Tub!

Uncle Scotty (Scott Hammond) is running Portland's 24/7 online radio station that plays 10 NW bands an hour! Bryan and I were reminiscing yesterday while kicking it with Kelly from Portland Notes, yet another amazing local music supporter, when did…Read more

Ween Fun Fact!

I was just writing on an "influences" section of one of our platforms and the biggest one I can think of as a collective influence with Bryan and I is WEEN. What is so awesome about this to me is…Read more
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Jewelry can = sweet gigs!

So Bryan and I started making jewelry a while ago and we are having a lot of fun and getting interesting opportunities from it. Follow your bliss, you never know what it will bring. We are excited to say we…Read more


Wwm dantes pink


Normally I would ask how you came up with your band name, but maybe it’s obvious. Are you two married? I am going to take a wild guess and assume that when you met, you decided to start this band.…

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Dantes rht


"Heading into downtown Portland on a Friday night is always an adventure. I prefer not to spend $10 to park my car, so I usually opt for the SmartPark and walk the 10 blocks past staggering drunks and screaming college…

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Portland Deli Artist of the Month write up!

Aliens and cavemen meet in When We Met's new video 

With love and an adoring energy, When We Met have been known to make tuneful indie pop songs over the course of their three years as a songwriting duo. While the…

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Enter the Venture "Ride the Tide" (2017) Podcast

Portland native duo When We Met released their psychedelic new music video for their latest single “Ride the Tide” off the recently released album “Where Did They Come From.” The video was created by cartoonist Magnificent Kaaboom, who brought to life…

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Vents Magazine Q&A (2017)

Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been? 

Bryan – Magnificent. 

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Ride The Tide”? Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song? 


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The Deli Portland (2017)

"When We Met brings a loving dynamic back into rock. The duo, consisting of Bryan Casey and Melissa, create fully textered sounds with just the two of them. Sounds are created on a solely collaborative basis by the two songwriters and…

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When we met 01

Portland Notes (2016)

"When We Met band members Bryan and Melissa are getting very busy very quickly! Portland Notes managed to catch the dynamic duo between gigs and rehearsals for a quick email interview. When We Met has just released a new single “Lift…

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