Two songwriters coming together to create one unique sound is WHEN WE MET.
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When We Met was born in the summer of 2014 after a chance meeting at a Portland music venue. The two bonded over their passion for creating music and mutual love of Ween, among other things. Live music is near to their hearts as a way to connect with others, build community, inspire and have fun. Playing live is just as important to them as creating the music. Therefore after putting out their first EP before they ever played a live show they were excited to begin the journey and continue to cultivate their performances and sound as they continue to grow as musicians. 

Continuously crafting their unique sound Bryan and Melissa compliment each other with their different styles, personalities and talents. A true collaboration between two songwriters. Not only writing their own music and playing all the instruments on the recordings, also recording and producing themselves.

As a two piece, they are able to deliver a big sound and an engaging performance that will leave you wanting more and wondering what’s next! 


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Also founders of MusicFXU, graphic design & musician resources site.

Also founders of MusicFXU, graphic design & musician resources site.