Two songwriters, one sound.

When We Met 

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As natives of the bipolar northwest, sometimes the only way to keep your sanity and fight seasonal depression is to create art.

When We Met, fittingly enough met at a music venue in October of 2010. They quickly bonded as musicians and immediately became inseparable.  

Bryan and Melissa began writing a little together and toying around with band ideas, but were not able to fully commit until 2014 when they released the EP, WWM. Thereafter they began performing live for the first time in a long time for Bryan and first time ever for Melissa. Since then, When We Met has played over 100 live shows including local gigs, tours and festivals. 

WWM likes to have fun when and wants their fans to be entertained, whether at a live show or engaging on social media. They are always looking for new ways to give their live show more depth. Doing so with guest musicians that join for a set / song, new lights for added texture and / or an engaging cover song. One crowd favorite, "Where Is My Mind" by the Pixies they even added to the live album, "Live at Kelly's Olympian". This was the first time they ever performed the song live and you can here Melissa giggle at the end of the track. Very fitting to the bands live vibe. 

Online When We Met has had the pleasure of working with cartoonist Magnificent Kaaboom for some visual stimuli. The most recent music video, "Ride the Tide" gained a lot of attention dubbing the bands genre as New Wave, comparing WWM to DEVO and the B52's. 

Continuously crafting their unique sound, Bryan and Melissa compliment each other with their different styles, personalities and talents. A true collaboration between two songwriters.

Expect to see and hear more from When We Met! 

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